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RrrKing of good intention but

Once upon a time there was a kind soul who loved helping other animals. But then he sealed himself after realizing he had caused more troubles than actually helping. Through observing a new species called, human, his soul slowly regain consciousness, and each time he would make a "rrR" like sound.

Why choose Us?

IntellieExpertise in procrastination

Likes to over think everything, and such never got anything done in his life. Always got manipulated into doing things for others due to his love of trials and errors attitude. His favourite statement is, "If you don't think about anything, well you would be like a robot."

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Sweet VictoryWinning is everything!

Has a strong personality, always views Intelli as a weakling and takes advantage of him. Though she also secretly admires Intelli's never afraid of failing attitude and wishes someday be more like him.

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Why choose Us

As a company we have been operating since 2002 however, we've been in the I.T. business for more than two decades. Right now we are focusing on our new robotic venture, with the support from retail, banking and hotel industries. As a result, our robots have already been applied to many businesses with practical uses, and we become the only company that sells robots in the Hong Kong region.

Our Mission

We listen, discuss and then advise. It might sound obvious but its a step that we would never take lightly. We then select the best solution to fit. We are committed to create and add value for our clients. We will take on any challenges and create new innovation that can spark interest in the technology field.

What you get

We love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client. We care about our clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything 'just right'!

Our Works

Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.

Our Partners

Companies who have contributed enormously to our Team.
John Doe

Cyber Discovery

Expertise in robotic solutions
Provide the most up to date technology and advices, with the aim to increase productivity or maximize core value of different businesses. We love discussing and planning new projects and have years of knowledge and experience to bring to the table.
Nix Maxwell


Redefine your Brand
Create easy to use user interface and heart capturing animation with unique combination of software. Whether it's website, graphic designs, games, or commercials, we are passionate about disrupting the market with our creativity.
Nix Maxwell

Blue Ocean Robotics

Innovation has no limit
Blue Ocean Robotics is the leading provider of emerging robotic solutions and services to improve quality of life, working environments and productivity for humans. With unmatched creativity and decades of experience, they have been redefining industries through out the world.
Nix Maxwell


Service robot pioneer
Japan base Takerobo is our long term partner who expertise on creating public service robots. They are the pioneer in measuring the effectiveness of utilizing robotic applications from data derived from the engagement between service robots and consumers at public spaces.

Skills we are Perfect in



List of solutions featured in Intellie.

Autonomous Operation

Detect its surrounding and avoid obstacles such as wall, people, elevators or exits. It can stop, turn, forward, backward, plus a six axis's movement for arms. And with some easy commands, the robot can follow unlimited amount of routes, which can make some daily tasks that much easier.

Memory Capturing

Help users capture the most valuable moment and create an ever-lasting memory. It can print any sizes of photos to fit any interesting, romantic, or heart-warming moments with any background any where. Letting your guests easily share their valuable experience with families and friends to create positive exposure for your brand and organization.


If you ever need to entertain a large crowd, turn the robot into a lean mean dance machine! No matter where it is, drawing crowd's attention and creating interesting memory is one of our strongest strength.

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With all the promotions, hot deals and rare discounts, Intellie can help people summarize information and make their decision making that much easier. By utilizing its ranking or sorting features, Intelli is sure to be a one stop shop for all the new or regular visitors. Maximizing the output of your traffic by educating them quickly is no longer a dream.


Intellie is designed to be much more mobile than normal stationary security cameras, reaching areas that you can never think of. And with its Night Vision functionality, working alone in the dark is no challenge to Intelli. It can also withstand heavy collision, much of its protection is owed to the unique aluminum body frame. This makes Intelli an all-rounded security guard.

Endless Possibilities

The latest version from Cyber Discovery, Intellie is designed with all the hardwares already built in, which allow for a multitude of additional capability to be added in the future. So not only will you receive the world's most sophisticated human sized robot, you will also receive a product that will continuously evolve without the need to upgrade the hardware for a long time.


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The picture shooting feature helped us got quite a lot of likes, in fact almost 1k people have liked our Facebook in just two days.

Jason Kam

Quite interesting. Perhaps you can make it even more human like!

Kelly Ng

It brings out interaction between cultures. A conversational piece.

Dan Rooney

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